The Fabulous Angie Dickinson

The Fabulous Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson’s career began when she entered a 1953 beauty pageant, in North Dakota. Although, she placed second Angie caught the eye of a TV scout. After the praise from the TV man, Dickinson had her heart set on acting. She studied drama for a few years and around age 24, was approached by NBC to do television work. She made appearances on variety shows and did guest roles, mainly. Angie made these roles, memorable and graced with beauty and brains, she went to Hollywood. Dickinson was in her early 30’s when she made her big screen, debut in, “Rio Bravo”. The film had an all-star cast with John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson. Almost all of her films through the 1960’s were like this. She starred with Richard Burton, Marlon Brando, Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda, and Frank Sinatra (to name a few), and ended up making friends in high places. Frank and Angie starred in “Oceans 11”, she as his wife and he as a high-class, thief. This was one of Angie’s favorite roles and her other was in the cult classic, “Point Blank”. As big screen roles started to dwindle, in 1974 she nabbed the role as sexy civil servant, “Police Woman”. This role was a breakthrough, showing that an hour long TV show starring a woman, could hold the public’s attention. It gave birth to shows like, Charlie’s Angels and The Bionic Woman, and it really led to Angie becoming a household name. Dickinson was married for 15 years to composer, Burt Bacharach and had a daughter born with Asperger’s. Angie became an advocate for those living with the disease. Angie is now 81, still appearing here and there, in cameos and TV roles. She’s also named in the top 100 sexy women of the Century! Long live, Angie Dickinson!


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