A little Tuesday, for your Thursday!

A little Tuesday, for your Thursday!

Tuesday Weld started life out, tough. She was supporting her family, financially by age 3, as a baby model and child actor, in NYC. Tuesday and her mother had a tumultuous relationship, with “mama” loving and hating her young, daughter. By 12, Tuesday had been on the small and big screen. She had also turned to alcohol, in these delicate ‘tween years. That led to a nervous break-down and suicide attempt, all before her 13th birthday. These events catapulted her into an early, adulthood. In 1956, Tuesday won popularity in the TV sitcom, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”. Tuesday became the teen queen of Hollywood, being cast as a little sex kitten. She couldn’t decipher her on-screen typecast, from her real-life, role. Tuesday had affairs with older men and lived on the edge. She’s quoted as saying, “I drank so much, my teen years passed in a haze”. Tuesday’s public brawls with boyfriends (notably John Barrymore Jr. , Elvis Presley, and Gary Lockwood, whom she tried to run over with her car, on Sunset Blvd) made for juicy stories, in gab rags. Although she was wild, Tuesday landed a contract with Fox and starred in many feature films and TV shows. From 1965 to the late ’70’s she was constantly employed and continued to fascinate, fans! Her co-stars included Peck, McQueen, Presley, Anthony Perkins, and Orson Welles, just to name a few. She was definitely, A-list! Tuesday has one child from her first marriage to a screenwriter, a daughter with second husband, Dudley Moore (whom she left to pursue a love affair with, Al Pacino..which, didn’t pan out) and her last marriage, that also ended, was to an Israeli, violinist. Tuesday still has a cult following and some fans have taken it the extreme (stalkers!). The band “The Real Tuesday Weld”, pays tribute to her. Today, Weld is 69 she lives in the Aspen area and although agents send her regular scripts, she often turns them down. Her family is what’s most important to her, promising herself not to follow in her own mother’s footsteps. Of big-time, success Tuesday has said: “It seems the brighter you are, the deeper the hole you get into”. Keep on keeping on, Ms. Weld!


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