The name’s Malone, not Monroe!

The name's Malone, not Monroe!

Dorothy Malone went to Hollywood with an RKO contract and received starlet treatment: acting, singing, dancing, diction lessons along with, and bit parts. She did well, esp with Sinatra in Step Lively . RKO somehow lost interest but, Warner’s Bros. stepped up to the plate with another contract. Dorothy had the role as a seductive, little book clerk in the classic Bogie/Bacall flick, “The Big Sleep”…(Totally look for her! so sexy!!) and she was noticed! The studio nudged her up through 1948-1949 ,in at least four Westerns. After 1949, her contract wasn’t renewed and Malone went back to, Dallas. but in 1956, she had went platinum blonde and shed the “good girl” image. Through 1951-1955 Dorothy appeared in around 13 films (without a contract). She signed with Universal and won the Oscar which for her slutty, boozed up, southern belle role, in Written on the Wind! In 1964, Dorothy won the lead role on America’s very first soap opera, “Peyton Place”, revising Lana Turner’s big screen, role. The show was a smash! She was wonderful in it! After 4 years, her character was less significant, as the show moved on and she was written off it completely, in 1968. With that disappointment, and a few failed marriages, Dorothy went back to her beloved Dallas, comfortably back home. Dorothy Malone had everything it took to be a Lana or a Marilyn, it was just that there was a Lana and a Marilyn, at that time. Malone had an amazing run with fame and any gal would have felt lucky to have her career!


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