Sultry Susan Strasberg

Sultry Susan Strasberg

Susan Strasberg might as well have started acting right out of the womb. Her parents were Lee and Paula Strasberg, the famous acting coach, duo. Susan was just a child in the midst of their rise to glory, teaching A-listers and wanna-bes, “method” acting the Strasberg way. Susan was on Broadway, by age 15. Starring as Anne Frank, in the famous play. Susa won a Tony Award, for her performance. Yet, when the film was being made Susan was left out, in fear of her parents’ influence. At 17, Susan was be-friended by a fragile Marilyn Monroe. Lee was working with Monroe privately, and living at the Strasberg’s home. Susan always considered Marilyn her “surrogate sister”. Young Susan found her big-screen debut in, “Picnic”. Her first co-stars were heavy-hitters including, Kim Novak and William Holden. Susan returned to the stage, but still starred with big names like, Richard Burton. Strasberg and Burton started a torrid love affair, that was encouraged by her own mother. Paula told her daughter that making love with a big-time, screen actor would be good for her, she was only 19 years old. Susan grew up and transitioned between film, TV, and stage. She wrote a tell-all and was outspoken against her parents’ “method” acting, saying it was ripped -off. She had a daughter by hubby-acor, Christopher Jones. Jones proved to be a grade-A heel and their daughter was born with a cleft palette. Susan blamed herself or her daughter’s disfigurement, due to the drugs she had been taking during the “swinging sixties”. All this is included in her book. Susan said “after 25 years of acting, I had played Juliet, Cleopatra, and Anne Frank..yet, there I was in Hollywood waiting for someone to want me”. Susan had a wild ride, but tragically lost her battle with breast cancer, at 60 years old. She was still as beautiful, as ever.


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