Eva Marie the Saint

Eva Marie the Saint

You can’t talk about classic films, without including, Eva Marie Saint. The. First time I saw her was in, 1962’s “All Fall Down”. I fell in love with her, right away (and a young, Warren Beatty!). Eva was already a well-established, film star when making this movie. Although she was playing a 30-something, Eva was already in her 40’s by, 1964. Her film debut came at age 30, when most starlets were retiring. Eva was in television and radio, honing her talents, until Hollywood came calling…Her first film role? Leading lady to Marlon Brando in, “On the Waterfront”! The film was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won Best Motion Picture, Best Actor (Brando), and to film newbie, Eva: Best Supporting Actress! Way to make an impression! When Eva accepted her Oscar, she was 9 months pregnant and had her first child, 2 days later. Eva was prepped for “super-stardom”, but didn’t crave it. Five years later, Eva starred in her most beloved role, as sultry spy, Eve Kendall in Alfred Hitchcock’s, “North by Northwest”. As with the rest of Hitchcock’s bevy of blondes, he wined and dined her (alongside wife, Alma) into accepting the role. Sure, anyone would’ve accepted that role, but Hitch had to make his blondes understand what they were getting in to. Unlike other reports, Eva gave a good review of Hitch’s methods. “He taught me to be a better actress”, she says fondly of him and taught her how to become more stylish and sexy.. Hitch said to Eva: “You do movies where you wash the dishes looking drab in an apron. The audience wants to see their leading ladies dressed up” and this made Eva believe enough in her womanly side, to pair up with one of the most handsome men in the world, Cary Grant. “North by Northwest” was a grueling project, but it’s the role Eva looks back on and is most, proud of. Eva Marie Saint is 88 years old, now. She has two stars on the Walk of Fame, for TV and for film. Super star, she wasn’t, but legend, she is!


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