“Deborah Kerr rhymes with Star”

Deborah Kerr was a very, versatile actress. The British actress has played a nun, sheep-hearder, comedienne, and femme fatale yet, her grace and beauty shines through, in every role. In the early 40’s Kerr began to team with screen geniuses, Michael Poewell & Emeric Pressberger. It was 1947’s beautifully, dark, “Black Narcissus”, that caught the attention of Hollywood. The film was an unlikely hit, with the American public..Kerr played a troubled nun and the plot includes “nun seduction”, and suicide. She won the NY Film Critic’s, “Actress of the Year” award. After this film, Deborah came across the pond to, MGM. Tiring of playing prim & proper English ladies, Kerr stepped outside of typecasting in, “From Here to Eternity”. Bleaching her locks and romping, scantily-clad on the beach with Burt Lancaster, showed she could be as sensual as any sex-kitten, out there. Kerr was nominated for “Best Actress” by The Academy, but didn’t win! AFI ranks “..Eternity” as #25 in the top 100 romantic, films. After 1953, Deborah grabbed roles that showed the range, I was referred to, in the beginning. The sheep-heralding part was the 1960 movie, “The Sundowners”, also starring, Robert Mitchum. Kerr’s most famous roles are in, “The King & I”, “An Affair to Remember”, and at age 46, she landed the title of “oldest” Bond girl in, “Casino Royale”. As she grew older, Kerr was being pushed out of film, by newcomers. The pressure was on and she decided to do a nude scene, in 1969 at almost 50 years old. It was her only nude scene and Kerr decided to leave Hollywood as it was becoming more, “fleshy”. She returned to stage and TV work. Deborah’s career lasted over 40 years. She was married twice, her second husband divorced her because of jealousy of her fame. Many biographies of make stars, including Stewart Granger and Burt Lancaster claim they had been romantically involved with, Deborah. Kerr kept as quiet as a church mouse, about it, if these stories are true. In 2007, Kerr passed away from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. She was nominated SIX times for an Oscar during her career & never won. The Academy awarded Deborah an honorary Oscar, for her contributions to film. Deborah Kerr was one of a kind and I don’t believe we will ever see anyone like her, again! A true actress.

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