Sheree North goes West

Sheree North goes West

Sheree North was a talented dancer, singer, and actress, with a body like a B-52! North honed her song and dance skills, as a child. Sheree performed for the troops, with the USO at age, 10. After that, all she wanted to do was dance. She worked as a valet and a floor sander, to pay for, ballet lessons. North was committed and it showed. It was a rocky start, dancing and singing in night clubs, at a young age, but a choreographer spotted her at the Macayo Club and cast her as a chorus girl in, “Here Comes the Girls” with, Bob Hope. Broadway came calling next, in 1953. Sheree starred in “Hazel Flagg” which won her a World Theater award! This is when Fox picked her up for a 4-year contract, just to frighten a fragile Marilyn Monroe. North was hired by 20th Century Fox as a bargaining chip, against the unreliable Marilyn Monroe. She had the same measurements, height, and weight as Marilyn. They even put her in Monroe’s wardrobe and did screen-tests for 2 films that were supposed to go to MM. Neither Sheree or Marilyn got the role, though. What Fox wasn’t expecting was a very talented and dedicated, performer. Sure she played up the sex kitten, role but, when it came to dancing, Sheree showed them how it’s done! In 1955, North won the lead role next to Betty Geprable in, “How to Become Very, Very Popular”. Film historians tout North’s dancing scene, “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” as the film’s highlight. North’s next film role was a tale of a man’s adventures, while his wife was away…way too close to Monroe’s big hit, “The Seven Year Itch” that was released, just a year before. Sheree fulfilled her 4 years, but Fox had found another B-52, Jayne Mansfield and promoted her and left Sheree, out to dry. After that, only low-budget musicals and westerns seemed to come her way. This continued through the 60’s but, TV and Broadway kept North’s name in the credits. Memorably, North appeared as Kramer’s mother, on Seinfeld, telling the world Kramer’s real name (Cosmo)! Definite, TV history! Sheree was married 4 times and had 2 children, the first at age, 16. Sheree told in an interview: “They remember me as the blond who was to have taken over from Marilyn Monroe.” No matter how she got it and her early setbacks, Sheree’s career spanned over 50 years! She made her mark on Hollywood, fulfilling her dreams.


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