The Gorgeous Graduate: Katherine Ross

The Gorgeous Graduate: Katherine Ross

You may be scratching your head and saying, where do I know that face?? Most likely you remember Katherine Ross as Elaine Robinson. Mrs. Robinson’s gorgeous daughter in the classic film, “The Graduate”. Katherine Ross’s famous scene in the back of the bus with, Dustin Hoffman. She had just been rescued by a screaming, Dustin Hoffman,from her wedding. Ross & Hoffman then jump in the back of the bus, with Ross in her flouncy, wedding gown. The scene (and movie..oh and soundtrack scored by, Simon & Garfunkel) go down in classic film, history. Film work came easy for, Ross. Her career began in, 1965 and appeared in films with John Wayne, James Caan, and Simone Signoret. But, it was the 1967 movie, “The Graduate” that was her most famous, role. Ross was swept up in a whirlwind of public adoration. She had become the face of Woodstock-era, beauty. Post-Graduate, Ross turned down roles in, “The Towering Inferno” and “Airport”. When Ross won the Golden Globe for her role in, “The Graduate” she said, “that “I’m not a movie star…that system is dying and I’d like to help it along.” Katherine gave Hollywood the kiss-off, until she accepted the role as the newcomer to the suburbs of, Stepford where everyone seemed a little, too perfect in, 1975. The Stepford Wives”, is a classic, dark comedy. Katherine mostly appeared in television and made-for TV movies, after this. An accomplished writer of children’s books, she wasn’t just another pretty, face. Katherine is a good actress. Her performance as Donnie’s psychiatrist is essential to the cult classic, “Donnie Darko”, in 2001. Her last acting role was in 2006’s indie flick, “Eye of the Dolphin”. Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson!


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