Knowing Natalie

Shining Bright

Natalie Wood Trivia!

-Natalie threatened her parents to become a juvenile delinquent, if they didn’t let her do, “Rebel Without A Cause”
-Natalie Wood’s real name: Natasha Gurdin.
– In an interview, Natalie said her all-time favorite actress was, Vivien Leigh
– Favorite singer: Bob Dylan
– Natalie always covered her left wrist with bracelets to hide an injury she received on location, when she was 9. She fell into a river and almost drown, creating her fear of water.
– Married Robert Wagner, twice. Once in 1957 & 14 years later in, 1972.
– Natalie & Wagner named their yacht the “Splendour” after her film, “Splendor in the Grass” which introduced Warren Beatty to the world and to Natalie’s love life. It was on this yacht, that Wood drowned while boating in, December 1981.
– The Studios often arranged dates for, Wood. Besides Wagner & Warren, Natalie dated actors Michael Caine, Steve McQueen, Tony Curtis, Dennis Hopper, singer Elvis Presley, and the director of the film, “Rebel Without A Cause”.
– like her character in, “Splendor..” after an altercation with Warren Beatty, Natalie attempted suicide, by sleeping pills. A friend rushed her to the hospital, saving her life.
– In January 2013, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office offered a 10-page addendum to Wood’s autopsy report stating some bruises on her body may have happened before she went into the water and drowned, but that could not be definitively determined.
– When asked what she wanted, if she could have anything, Natalie replied, “Yesterday”.
– Natalie is voted one of the top 100 actresses of all-time. She began acting at age 7 and didn’t stop until her tragic death at age, 43.
– Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful actresses, ever.


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