Fifties Fashionista: Nena Von Schlebrügge!

Fifties Fashionista: Nena Von Schlebrügge!

You migh be wondering, how did Uma Thurman build a time machine and travel to the early ’60’s!? That isn’t Uma, but her mum, Nena von Schlebrügge!
1955, Nena was discovered by a Vogue photographer, in Sweden. In 1957, Vogue moved her to London to pursue high-fashion, modeling. Nena as an instant success. Eileen Ford of the famed Ford modeling agency, called and asked her to come to NYC. In the snow storm of March 1958, the 17-year old waif, arrived in New York City on the Queen Mary. In New York City she continued her modeling career as a top model, working at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Nena von Schlebrügge, modeled with the longest legs and stretched thin, torso….the fair-haired, maiden was made for this occupation. In 1964, the eccentric Nena married Dr. Timothy Leary. (If you don’t know who the famous 1960’s , “Turn on, tune in, drop out”, Timothy Leary is..think LSD laced, white-coated crazy, but with an endearing heart and a nice, face). They were wed, at the Hitchcock house in NY, where Leary had been doing LSD experiments. The wedding was filmed by DA Pennebaker, and was the wedding of the season, as Cab Calloway (a party guest) put it, “the marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Swing”. Well, the two only lasted a year, before Nena was replaced by Rosemary, forming Timothy and Rosemary, infamy…now, that’s a whole ‘nother story! Nena was a regular at Warhol’s factory and “swung”, underground. At night:a petite, part girl, by day: colorful, cover model. Nena played parts in, Edie Sedgwick’s, “Ciao, Manhattan” that began filming in, 1967. During filming Mena met & married Indo-Tibetan Buddhist scholar and ex-monk? Robert Thurman…Uma’s Daddy. After this “real” marriage, the Thurman’s re-located to a quieter, but quirky life, in Massachusetts and Uma was born, in 1970. Nena received her doctorate in Creativity and in Counseling Psychology. Not just beautiful, but had the brains, too! Nena was a well-rounded, person and what a cool mom she must have been for Uma.


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