Safe in Hell

Safe in Hell

Dorothy Mackaill is a British-born actress who made her mark with silent films, then to pre-code, talkies. As a teenage runaway, Dorothy made it to London to pursue, acting. Somehow the teen made it from London, to Paris. In Paris, a Broadway scout saw Dorothy and recruited her for the Ziegfeld Follies. In New York City, she made friends with Marion Davies and Nita Naldi. By 1920, Dorothy was making her debut in the mystery, film, ” The Face at the Window”, at age 17! But it wasn’t until 1924’s “The Man Who Came Back”, did Dorothy land leading-lady, status. Throughout the ’20’s Mackaill flourished as a lead actress. Sometimes she was billed first or third, but her name was always on top. Some folks will insist Dorothy’s best role was opposite Humphrey Bogart in, “Love Affair”…but, I and a lot of others will agree, “Safe in Hell”, is Dorothy’s finest moment. The ending may be a little disappointing to some, but if you’re looking for a great, pre-code…go with, ” Safe in Hell”. The British Mackaill, has all the swagger that New Yorker, noir queen, Barbara Stanwyck has and all the attitude, of Mae West. She was definitely tops, during her time. As the ’30’s came to an end, Mackaill called it quits in Hollywood. Family came first and she retired to take care of her aging, mother. As for her love life… I believe 3 is a lucky number in Hollywood marriages (except Liz Talor & Zsa Zsa), Dorothy’s attempts at being wed, failed, for whatever reason..maybe it was the limelight, who knows? Dorothy Mackaill may be a new name for you to look for in those scandalous, pre-Hayes Code, racy films! Keep an eye out and enjoy!


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