Anna Karina steals France

Anna Karina steals France

Anna Karina was the muse of Jean-Luc Goddard, famous French film, director. She is immortalized in his films, such as : “A Woman is a Woman”, and “Vivre sa vie”. Playing these roles has made Anna an icon of what we see as French beauty (although, Danish)…dark hair, bangs, large eyes, and a beret…Anna was the ultimate Art Film, muse..but, she was also daring and took risks on other things. At 17, she ran away from home in Berlin and went to, Paris. She had sold paintings to pay for her escape. When Anna arrived in Paris, she was destitute, living off the streets, and couldn’t speak French. Anna was sitting at a little table at a cafe, when an ad agent spotted her and asked Anna to do some photos. The ad woman helped her become a successful fashion model. Karina now had friends like Cardin, Chanel and of course, Jean-Luc Goddard. In 1961, Anna won the Best Actress award, at The Berlin Film Festival, for “A Woman is A Woman”. Throughout the 60’s Karina made several more films, one with George Cukor and “The Nun”, which is considered by most as her best performance. These films are very artsy, foreign films…so if you haven’t seen them, don’t feel too bad. They are most likely not at your local, Blockbuster. Anna Karina also had an important singing career. At the end of the 1960s, she recorded, ” Sous le soleil exactement” and “Roller Girl” which were major hits, for her. Anna is ALSO a writer, having penned four novels! Karina has been married 5 times. She and Jean-Luc we’d, during the filming of “..Woman..”, although the marriage dissolved in 1967, Goddard was the one who pushed Anna to be a jack of all make her feel she could do all of the things she has done. According to Anna, Goddard asked her: “Don’t you understand that if somebody is going to work, he’s going to work at least eight hours a day? Why would you not work eight hours a day in front of your mirror to learn about yourself, to learn about what you’re doing, to learn how ridiculous you can be, how good you can be, how stupid you can be, and so-and-so?” Anna still abides by that theory, ” Of course, he was right that we should all do that every day, even when we’re not working, because after all, everybody’s working eight hours a day.”. Karina really did look inside and from destitution to fame, made the best of the talents we all have inside ourselves.. So, find the things you are good at, and strive at them, just like Ms. Karina!


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