Designer Travilia, made the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, as a blast of air, from the subway grating gives everyone a little peek at those famous gams (& a little more)! The dress was worn by MM, in the “Seven Year Itch”…Monroe’s character steps onto the grate saying “Ooo, do you feel the breeze from the subway?”, Originally the scene had been scheduled to shoot on the street outside the Trans-Lux, in September 1954. However, the presence of the actress and the cameras caught the curiosity of thousands of fans, so director, Billy Wilder was forced to reshoot on a set at Fox. The scene is described as one of the “most iconic images of the 20th Century”. After Monroe’s death in 1962, Travilla kept the dress locked up with many of the costumes he had made over the years for the Monroe, to the point that for years there was talk of a “Lost Collection”. Only after his own death in 1990, were the clothes put on display. It joined the private collection of Hollywood memorabilia owned by Debbie Reynolds and shown, at the Hollywood Motion Picture Museum. In June 2011, the dress was sold at auction for more than $5.6 million…although most film fans and Marilynettes, believe it is priceless. Monroe’s husband at the time, Joe DiMaggio, is said to have “hated” the dress, he wanted Marilyn’s bod, all to hisself. The dress is an ivory, color and a great description was written, describing all aspects of the frock: “The halter-like bodice has a plunging neckline and is made of two pieces of softly pleated fabric that come together behind the neck, leaving the wearer’s arms, shoulders and back bare. The halter is attached to a band situated immediately under the breasts. The dress fits closely from there to the natural waistline. A soft and narrow self belt was wrapped around the torso, criss-crossing in front and then tied into a small neat bow at the waist, at the front on the left side. Below the waistband is a softly pleated skirt which reaches to mid-calf or below the calf length. There is a zipper at the back of the bodice, and tiny buttons on the back.”. It is the most well-known piece of clothing, in the world and will always be a part of Monroe’s legacy.


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