Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage beauty care, was truly a ritual. Some rituals still sound good, others..well, a bit outlandish! Rita Hayworth rinsed her hair with champagne, to keep her fiery locks, sparkling. Claudette Colbert bathed in milk, on-screen and off-screen. Lana Turner exfoliated with Boraxo powdered soap to keep her skin, flawless. Another exfoliation with sugar and lemon juice, was a nightly ritual for Katherine Hepburn. Jean Harlow wore a perfume called: Mitsouko by Guerlain, daily. Some of these may be too rich for our tastes…(milk is over $3 a gallon!), but the use of cold cream, girdles, and bullet bras are affordable and can still make you feel like you’re on par, with the most glamorous women, from Hollywood’s past! Get to it, ladies! And guys, don’t feel so left out…Tyrone Power was insulted by director, Daryl F. Zanuk calling him a “monkey face”. Way before cosmetic surgery was available, Tyrone raised his hairline and through tweezing, he reduced the unattractive, bushiness of his eyebrows, giving him a far more elegant appearance. Within a year, Tyrone Power was the biggest new male star in movies and it was universally acknowledged that he was the handsomest man in Hollywood.


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