Tony Gets Curt! Hollywood Urban Legends

Tony Gets Curt!  Hollywood Urban Legends

Hollywood Urban Legend: Did Tony Curtis say that kissing Marilyn Monroe was like kissing, Hitler!? Well, to get to the bottom of this, we have to go back between 1949 & 1950, when before either persons were famous, Tony & Marilyn had a totally, hot & heavy, tryst! As the years passed, Tony became one of Hollywood’s hottest, leading men and Marilyn became a legend. Curtis & Monroe teamed up with Jack Lemmon & director, Billy Wilder to make, “Some Like it Hot”, the iconic, cross-dressing, screwball-comedy, classic. Monroe had come out of semi-retirement to make the film and was in full-diva, mode. Daily, she showed up late, ruined take after take, and was overall (according to Wilder): “a very, difficult person to work with”. Tony reminisced about Marilyn’s behavior: “She would play Jack Lemmon off against me or me against him, and Billy Wilder against both of us.” I’ve also read that Tony was concerned for his old-flame, knowing “something was up with her”. So, where did this quote come from? “Where it came from was a screening room during “Some Like It Hot” where most of the crew were watching the dailies of the film. Someone commented that my kissing scene with Monroe looked like I was really enjoying myself, so they asked what it was like. I blithely responded that it was like kissing Hitler. It got a big laugh. Monroe was not in the room at the time, but she of course was filled in soon enough. The room was filled with plenty of witnesses to the quote, too.” (Tony Curtis: American Prince). So, it’s true! Tony compared the icon of sex, to Hitler! Curtis later said, what a dumb question…of course it was good kissing Marilyn. The comment was just for laughs! … Hollywood Urban Legend, solved! 👍


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