Rita & Orson: Genius Meets Beauty

Rita & Orson: Genius Meets Beauty

Hollywood Royalty: The Union of Rita & Welles. Rita Hayworth was America’s Cinderella, a true rags-to-riches, story. Rita had changed her Latino name and transformed her looks, to the studio’s liking. With Rita, the studio didn’t do the usual, cover-up, they publicized the hell out of it. This change erased Rita’s past, all she had to hang on to was her new Hollywood, image. The image was that of a bomb-shell, a knock-out, a sex kitten. People didn’t turn out in droves to see Rita act, but to see her wear those strapless, dresses! A lot of Hollywood stars were gorgeous, but something about Rita was different ..she WAS talented (just look at “Gilda”) it was her eyes..they held, electricity. In the 1940’s Rita could do no wrong, she was the toast of not only Hollywood, but of the world. In 1942, after years of mental abuse, she was filing for divorce from her first husband. Divorce was usually, Hollywood headlines, but again, Rita was held in the highest regard. The divorce was painful and cost Rita a fortune, but at last she was free. Free for at least a year..that’s when she met Orson Welles. He was already famous for his films, acting, and arrogance. The wedding was kept quiet. Rita, known for being draped in satin gowns, were a skirt and a blouse, to her Hollywood union to Orson. A “suitable” number of months later, the couple had a baby, Rebecca Welles. Orson was a strange one, but he had provided Rita with an identity, which included domestic bliss: husband, baby, home. The two stayed together for centuries, in Hollywood years, but in 1948, things began to disintegrate. Rita travelled to Europe and met, Prince Aly Khan. She trotted around the globe with the Prince, for a year while still very married, to Orson. Orson Welles directed his not-so, blushing bride in, “The Lady of Shang-Hai”, when she returned. It almost seemed like a punishment, to Rita. She was forced to crop her auburn locks and bleach them, platinum blonde. Today, this would be seen as an “Oscar turn” but back then, it was a betrayal to her fans. He was re-inventing Rita, with or without her consent. Orson had exiled himself from Hollywood and seemed to be trying to do the same to fame-loving, Rita. The film was released and it bombed. Mainly due to the unrecognizable, Rita Hayworth. Hayworth soon filed for divorce, after the movie. She claimed : “I can’t take his genius any more.” I hear ya, Rita. As time went on, Orson seemed to just go, completely crazy..rambling on, changing topics, and using words, only Mensa members could understand. Rita went on to become a princess, marrying the Prince Aly Khan. The marriage lasted about as long as hers & Orson’s. The Hayworth/Welles marriage is commemorated with a lot of silly, too cute pictures of a time, when Rita seemed very in love and truly, happy. Check them out, if you’re a Rita or Welles, fan.


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