Marilyn: Unruly Role Model

Marilyn: Unruly Role Model

On August 5th we usually celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s life, and sometimes I can get flack for that. A lot of ppl say, she isn’t a good role model, she slept around and did drugs. Well, yes those are true. Marilyn was unapologetic, for her reputation and that’s what I like about her, most. I’m a single gal and at times, sinful. Clark Gable isn’t called a slut, or a tramp. Frank Sinatra is remembered as “Old Blue Eyes” not the red eyes, after a night of binge-drinking. She’s ridiculed for her affairs with, married men..but, remember, it takes two to tango. She’s ridiculed for her drug use..well, who hasn’t dabbled in mind-altering substances (or am I the only one, here??)?! If you drink, according to Narcotics Anonymous, that is a drug, as well! Marilyn also gets the hammer, because she was supposedly (I don’t have her doctor’s notes), bi-polar. Let us remember that mental illness can be just as severe and damaging to someone, as a physical illness. Most of the time, a mental illness can bring about a physical one and vice-versa. If Marilyn had fibromyalgia, would we be scrutinizing, that? Kay Francis was way wilder, than Monroe (see my archives)! A lot of the ladies, married to get ahead in their career and most men tried to woo their co-stars to their, trailer. All in all, Marilyn wasn’t more “wild” than anyone else, who was a part of Golden Hollywood. She garnished more attention because of her looks & her high-profile, affairs with the Kennedy brothers (which I still haven’t seen actual, facts on..for me to believe something, I need undisturbed video, pictures, and testament from the horse’s mouth, not the horse’s saddle maker!), they were Presidential and Marilyn was a silver-screen, queen. If the affairs did happen, it sort of makes sense to me?! Anyway, choose to think of Marilyn as you will, she died before the big rumors could be put to rest. Because she died so young and unexpected, she will forever remain the blonde bombshell, in the public’s mind. I consider myself a bit, feminist and people do ask, “why adore women who used their sexual prowess, to get ahead”? I think that IS part of being feminine. We are gifted with beauty, so why hide it? I’m not saying to go spend more time on your back, than on your feet! I am trying to say, embrace your sexuality. It is nothing to be ashamed, of. Work on your inside and your outside. I believe Marilyn’s biggest downfall was being too, trusting and willing to wear her heart on her sleeve. Its noble, but remember: You decide who you let in, not the other way, around and that’s one thing we can learn from, Marilyn. I’m not writing this to excuse her downfalls, but the positive contributions to the world.


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