Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Behind the scenes of, “I love Lucy”, Arnaz and Ball weren’t the happy-go-lucky couple, we all remember, on-screen. Lucy met Desi, in 1940 while appearing on-stage, together. The two eloped within a few months. When the honeymoon period was over, Desi’s dalliances began. In 1944, Lucy filed for divorce. But, just before the papers were finalized, the two reconciled. That seemed to be the pattern for the 20 years, they were married. “I Love Lucy” was not only wonderful, programming but, also a way to keep Desi close and salvage the marriage. After “I Love Lucy”, Ball & Arnaz went on to make “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”, but after filming the last episode, the couple divorced. Though, they did remain friends and never talked badly, about each other. Lucy went on with life after Desi, with a new sitcom, “The Lucy Show”. Ball was depicted as a single woman. Her TV life again, paralleled her real life, along with comedy. Lucy had it hard as a kid, her father died when she was a toddler, her mother abandoned her for a man, and she almost flunked out of NY’s dramatic arts, school. But, she never gave up. She was born with a talent. Lucy puts it like this: “You cannot teach someone comedy; either they have it or they don’t.” There’s no doubt Lucy, had IT! Lucille Ball 8/6/11 – 4/26/89


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  1. Lucy is really still Loved! I love that she was beautiful, but not afraid to be silly, as so many other starlets wouldn’t dare, do! She was an amazing, lady! 🙂 thanks for liking & reading, dahling!

  2. Ps. Amber D. How the heck do you change your avatar? Lol, I spent a good hour, yesterday trying to figure that out and other things…I’m just not tech-savvy, I guess! Haha!!!!

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