XOX, Betsey!

XOX, Betsey!

A Betsey Johnson dress is one to be, coveted! Especially, in the ’60’s when mod was hot, and London was swinging! Betsey styled the stars of NY’s underground, Factory fiends, the rock ‘n’ rollers, and the sexiest supermodels, of all time. Johnson won a contest to become a guest editor for, “Mademoiselle”magazine, in 1964. Soon she was the in-house designer for “Paraphernalia”, a boutique that catered to upper east side, hipsters. Across the pond, Betsey was a hit, as well. She acquired the fabulous “Alley Cat”, label. “Alley Cat” was on the bodies of Mick Jagger, Twiggy, and The Fab Four. While the name “Betsey Johnson” became famous to famous people, it also became known to the rest of the world. Johnson opened 65 boutiques, world-wide, all bearing her pink, neon-lit, name. Many “era” designers died off, while Betsey survived all the trends: from disco, to punk rock, to the grunge days of the 90’s. Alas, in 2012 while the American economy is up and down more than a roller coaster, people have to weigh their expenses. Can I eat Ramen noodles for a month, to adorn a B.J. original?? The Betsey Johnson brand had to file for Chapter 11, last year…But, Betsey has always survived! Betsey still rocks the runways and has branched out to some department stores. Betsey turned 71, yesterday and last year, she celebrated 40 years in the industry. Her offspring, LuLu Johnson has her own brand and mother & daughter are starring in their own reality TV show, on the Style network. Although, her dresses are as wild as she is, people still have an affinity for the long-time, designer. No doubt she is a great entrepreneur and one cool, lady!


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