Vintage Accessories!

Vintage Accessories!

The 1920’s brought about many fashion trends…one of my favorite is the cloche hat. When movies became popular, it was a brand new way for fashions to start trending. The cloche, was an essential to any vamp’s wardrobe. It was a perfect accent for a sexy, sparkling, shift dress, and high heeled, shoes. Clara Bow, Billie Dove, and Louise Brooks were wearing them as part of their everyday (fabulous) wardrobes. Caroline Reboux designed the cloche (French for “bell”), in 1908 and during the 1920’s, they became wildly, popular. The trend seemed to die off in the early 30’s, but the cloche-fad, lasted over a decade! That’s a lot to say for a trend. In the 1960’s mod mavens, began donning them, again. I’m happy to say the cloche hats have made a come-back, today! Thanks to “The Artist” and “The Great Gatsby” movies, and new-found love for classic film, we are once again, sporting the form-fitting, fedoras. There are felt ones, lacy ones, ones with ribbons, or broaches…try one on! They look good on anyone! And that’s probably one of the reasons they’ve stayed around, so long.


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