A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love

Susan Kohner, has a tough role to play in, “Imitation of Life”. She is a (very, light-skinned) black girl, raised in a white, home, who sees the privilege of the white daughter and craves the equality..although, Kohner’s “Sarah-Jane” does it the wrong, way. In this movie, Lana Turner (Lora) plays a struggling actress/single mother. She finds friendship & help in, Juanita Moore (Annie) an African-American woman. They both are struggling, to support their daughters. The daughters, Sarah-Jane & Susie, become built-in, playmates but, there’s a marked difference..and, it’s in black and white. Sarah Jane begins to act out and things come to a head, when Annie comes to Sarah’s school, to deliver a book she had forgotten. Sarah Jane is devastatingly, embarrassed. Annie is shocked, to find out her daughter had been passing herself off as a white girl, at school. Although Sarah Jane does things the wrong way, we can feel her pain and more-so, the pain of her mother. Sarah Jane was Annie’s life and she deeply, hurts her mother. The big picture is that Sarah Jane felt she had to conceal her identity to be popular, or to get ahead. And in the end, it hurt everyone. “Imitation of Life” is one of the great, classics. It addresses issues of race, class, and gender during a time of very, rigid thinking. The original movie was made in 1934. The Turner/Moore version was re-made in, 1959. Although they were made 25 years apart, the issues still stand and in 2013, the movie is STILL relevant. Highly recommended by me and everyone else who has seen this, film!


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