Retro Television

Retro Television

The Mod Squad! This iconic television program ran from 1968-1972. The Mod Squad, included: long-haired, rebel Pete Cochran who was recruited, after running away from home and stealing a car.. Hip & handsome, Linc Hayes was recruited after he was arrested at the Watts Riots (an actual happening. It was one of the longest and most violent, riots in Los Angeles’s history. The beautiful, Julie Barnes (aka: canary with a broken wing) was arrested for vagrancy, after fleeing her mother’s home/brothel, then recruited, as well. All of the kids had trouble in their background, but Capt. Adam Grier was a mentor and a father figure, To the “kids”. Capt. Grier believed in their reformation and thought the kids could get closer to the criminals, because of their youthful, hippie looks. The show seems far-out, but it’s based on actual experiences of young, undercover, narcotics cops. TMS was one of the first shows to recognize the 1960’s, counterculture and, one of the first in a group of new programs (Star Trek, Flip Wilson) to feature African-Americans as serious, characters (far from the ’50’s, Amos ‘n’ Andy) and showed an interracial, kiss. However many firsts the program had, it was obvious people “dug” the show. It was “solid” and the characters were, “groovy”!


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