Perfect Pout

Perfect Pout

Baby-faced, Rochelle Hudson was an Old Hollywood, golden girl. She mostly played supporting roles and starred in B-movies (which can always be a delight). Her uber-ambitious, stage mother had her working at age 15. She lied to studio executives and added a couple years to her daughter’s age. I first saw Hudson, as the girl who tries to off herself in, “She Done Him Wrong” a Mae West and Cary Grant film. Mae gives Rochelle’s character, Sally some famous advice: “When a girl goes wrong, men go right after her!”. Hudson played Claudette Colbert’s daughter in the original, 1934 version of, “Imitation of Life” (see: Susan Kohner post). All in all, Hudson went from ingenue, to leading lady, to character actress. She has an unforgettable, pout and her doe eyes, are mesmerizing. Rochelle was married four times. During her 2nd marriage, things got a little but interesting. Husband no. 2, Harold Thompson was head of the Storyline Department at Disney Studios who, also did a little espionage, on the side. Rochelle & Harold posed in various disguises, like a very “tourist-y”, couple while digging up dirt on the Germans, in Mexico. In Baja, California, the two uncovered a supply of high test, aviation gas hidden by German agents! Rochelle led a very, interesting life. After playing Natalie Wood’s mother in, “Rebel Without A Cause” (1955) she left Hollywood to run a 10,000-acre, ranch in, Arizona. The Hudson name is of note, also! Rochelle is a direct descendant of the famous explorer, Henry Hudson, who discovered the Hudson bay and river. So, my classic film lovers…when you see Rochelle Hudson, in a flick you’re watching, now you’ll know a little something about that cherub-faced, doll!


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