Alexis Smith was signed by Warner Bros. after being spotted in a college, drama performance. Warner billed Smith as: “The Dynamite Girl” and “The Flame Girl” in promotional articles. Alexis was paired with the dashing, Errol Flynn in her first film, appearances. The public loved her as a love interest but, Smith didn’t want to be quickly typecast, into a role. In the mid-1940’s, Smith acted opposite Charles Boyer and Cole Porter. Films noir were gaining, in popularity and Bogie was King of the deadly dramas. Alexis Smith gave an amazing performance, alongside Bogart in, “The Two Mrs, Carroll’s” which is, noir perfection! She starred with Bogie again in the totally, underrated noir: “Conflict”. This movie is one of Bogart’s most sinister roles! Smith rounded out the ’40’s on a high-note. She took a sabbatical from film and went to Broadway. Smith was a smash hit in, “The Women”, “Follies”, and “Platinum”. She had found her place, on stage. By 1973, Smith had won 3 Tony awards and at age 52, was on the cover of Time. For all the amazing work, Alexis Smith did, she never received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But, there is no doubt, she was a star of Hollywood’s Golden Age!


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