Fashion for the Four-Eyed

Fashion for the Four-Eyed

I have been perusing through packages of Warby Parker eyeglasses, trying to pick just the right pair. I’m on my 3rd box! Indecision is my unfortunate, trademark! I am just happy that I can still be fashionable and wear glasses! Oh, to be a woman in the early 20th century, in need of ocular assistance! In 1926, a news article by Dorothy Parker claimed, “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses”. Actress, Peggy Wood wrote an essay in 1936, about her “ordeal” with glasses. She complained they “disfigured” her looks and revealed how her mother was heart-broken to find out her beautiful, daughter had flawed vision. Sigh.. Yet, we are LADIES and we are resilient. The four-eyed female, wasn’t going to take the wall-flower status, very much longer! Beginning in the late 1940’s, more styles and colors became available and by the 1950’s wearing glasses wasn’t complete, style-suicide. Thank you, to those who came before us. Thank you for making lines of eyewear, as you would lines of jewelry. And wouldn’t Dorothy Parker be rolling in her grave, to see hipsters sporting glasses without a prescription?!


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