Françoise Hardy was a songstress and a reluctant muse of the fashion world, during the 1960’s. Françoise topped the French charts and became a cover girl. With her soft voice and natural good looks, she was the ultimate, girl-next-door that made good. Everything was quite a whirlwind for Françoise. Exported to America, she starred in, “Grand Prix” a movie with Yves Montand and James Garner. By 1964, Hardy was on the cover of the top, glamour magazines and fashion designers were sending her their latest creations, to wear. Mlle. Hardy was immortalized in a poem by Bob Dylan and was rubbing shoulders with The Beatles, Mick Jagger, and movie stars, around the world. The girl-next-door became quite a globe-trotter, but by 1967, she fell exhausted. When interviewed in 1968, she explained she was painfully, shy and being a fashion “icon” was never in her plans. While everyone else saw a beautiful, fragile French fashionista, Hardy saw herself as a plain, artist. Françoise gave up the limelight to begin her own record label. Her album sales began to recede and she settled in, for a less glamorous lifestyle. But, it is what she wanted. Mlle. Hardy preferred to find a smaller audience, who respected her true talent, than millions of fans adoring a superficial image. Vive la Françoise!


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