Lydia Lunch: Anything Goes!

Lydia Lunch: Anything Goes!

Once upon a time, before there was Courtney Love, there was Lydia Lunch. Before GenX’s apathy and grunge, there was NO WAVE. During the mid-70’s, in the NY underground scene, anyone with a Super 8 camera, could be the next Andy Warhol. No Wave’s motto was, anything goes. Of course, this brief movement begat the indie film scene, we know today. No Wave gave birth to odd-ball stars, like Steve Buscemi & Vivienne Dick and off-beat directors like, Jim Jaramusch, Amos Poe, & John Waters. We have a lot to owe to, No Wave and the kids who were willing to give up Harvard, for a camera and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As I repeat the theme of everything that was cool, is cool again, I must spotlight, Ms. Lydia Lunch. Lydia was a No Wave starlet, who appeared in over 10 films, during the height of No Wave Cinema and over 30 films, altogether. Lydia was also a poet and singer of No Wave music. Her sound is much like, (pre-Cobain) “Hole”…confrontational, loud, and anti-commercial. Lunch moved to NYC in 1976, when No Wave was birthed. It was the poor kid’s answer to the decadence of disco. Lydia moved into in a communal house with nothing but a, “red suitcase, a winter coat, and a big, f*<*ing attitude"! Lydia befriended musician, Alan Vega & founded the band, "Teenage Jesus & The Jerks". They performed at Max's Kansas City alongside, Patti Smith. Because her sound was so different, her band and Lydia herself, became a beloved character of the No Wave movement. Lydia moved on to collaborate with different bands, founded 8 Eye Spy and performed, spoken word poetry. Lydia Lunch still rocks on, today. She wrote an auto-biography, about her nihilistic style and life in the underground. She's an avid feminist and in 2007, confronted Joe Rogan backstage at his comedy show about making "dumb women" jokes, all caught on video that went viral. Lydia isn't everyone's cup of tea. She never achieved super-stardom like, Joan Jett but, who in the No Wave movement, wanted to become commercial?! It's women like this, who aren't blessed with the best looks in the world, that have used their pure, talent to fuel their careers. And, that is what makes Lydia Lunch a famous dame!


2 thoughts on “Lydia Lunch: Anything Goes!

  1. Totally, agree! There’s always a predecessor! From Billie Holiday, to Janis Joplin, to Lydia, to Bikini Kill, to L7 and my fave all girl neo-punk band, Glitter Trash! Thanks for the comment and reading!

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