A Bolt of Lightning: Marta Toren

A Bolt of Lightning: Marta Toren

Marta Toren: Raven-haired and blue-eyed, Marta was born to well-to-do, parents in Stockholm. She had an older sister who died while Marta was still, a child. The parents put Marta on a pedestal and did anything, for their surviving daughter. Marta showed interest in acting or ballet and they indulged her, in both. In her teens, they enrolled her in the Royal Academy Theater Company. Upon graduation, she worked in mostly tv commercials, until RKO scouts discovered her. Marta moved to Hollywood and was billed as the “new Ingrid Bergman”. Marta was very popular for awhile, in Hollywood. She dated actor, Howard Duff, A&P heir, Huntington Hartford, and heart-throb, Jeff Chandler. In 1952, she married writer, Leonard Bercovici. They live the life..having a home in Rome and in, Hollywood They soon have a daughter together, Christina. By 1957, Marta made over 20 films and besides RKO, she worked with Columbia, Universal, and Warner Bros. Marta appeared on the cover of Life magazine in 1955, as the new toast of the town. Everything came to crashing end, in 1957. While at the Allee Theater, in Stockholm, Marta collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Husband, Leonard is by her side when the doctors give him the news, that her condition is impossible. Marta suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. The lead physician described: “it came like a sudden violent strike of lightning from the sky”. Marta passed away at the age of, 30. Her story goes to show, we must live for today, because we really don’t know if there will be a tomorrow. One day your living it up to the fullest and the next a bolt of lightning can come and destroy, it all. Cheers to the beautiful, Marta Toren. May she rest in peace!


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