Femme Fatale Series: “GILDA”

Could I help but throw everything down and be glued to TCM’s, noir features, Monday night!? Nope. Inspired by the bravery of directors that strayed away from romance, drama, comedy, crime, and musical pictures to come up with a new way of storytelling through, the shadows of films noir, I am posting my personal favorite, femme fatales (of classic film, of course). First, we have to start with Rita Hayworth, in “Gilda”. The film is noir fashioned, with a continual narration and it’s darkly lit, scenes. Most of the movie is filmed in an illegal casino, in Bueno Aires, Argentina. The movie focuses almost completely on the femme fatale character, which it’s named for. Rita Hayworth shocks the crowd with a strip-tease (that’s often imitated, ’til this day) and is indeed, a fatal female. Playing with Gilda, drives men to hatred, self-loathing, and ultimately murder. “Gilda” is one of the greatest, American films noir ever made and Hayworth is at her best, in this film.


2 thoughts on “Femme Fatale Series: “GILDA”

  1. Thank you, dahling! I just love her, too! It would have been Rita’s 95th birthday, yesterday. I was updating my Instagram account and didn’t get a Rita B-day post, out here! She’s eternally beautiful… 🙂

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