Femme Fatale Series: Jane Greer in “Out of the Past”

Out of the Past is probably, one of my favorite films noir. This 1947 film, is a perfect noir, with narration and flashbacks, throughout the movie. Out of the Past stars Jane Greer as the femme fatale, who kills and has men kill for her. Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas are the “lucky” men, that are Jane’s lovers & victims. At first, we see Mitchum running a gas station, an honest job and he has a good girl, who’s madly in love with him…but, all things change when Greer enters back into his life. He’s been on the run from her and Douglas for over a year, but his past and fate finally catches up with him. Douglas and Mitchum lose their dignity and are driven to blackmail, cheating, and murder. Douglas is a rich, boss and Mitchum is smart and strong. Yet, both men fall prey to the femme fatale. Greer is the most flawed character and life is sacrificed, just to stop her reign of terror. Out of the Past is considered to be the best, example of American noir film and a fan favorite. Jane Greer didn’t have many big, roles after this, but she is cemented in cinematic history as the ultimate, black widow.


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