Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Irish McCalla

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Irish McCalla

Look up “woman” in the dictionary and you’ll find, Irish McCalla. Irish played “Sheena: Queen of the Jungle”. The 1950’s classic TV show ran for 26-episodes, but is remembered and loved by many fans. Irish was athletic, 5’10”, and well-endowed in all the places that matter! “Sheena” was filmed on location in Mexico, where McCalla did her own stunt work. Once, she swung right into a tree and broke her arm, but that didn’t stop Irish for long, when it healed she was right back, swinging. Alberto Vargas, the famous pin-up artist, loved McCalla. She is definitely a “Vargas Girl” and one of his favorite, subjects. McCalla also was an artist, completing over 1,000 paintings! Irish became a member of the Woman Artists of the American West, and her work has been displayed at the Los Angeles Museum of Arts and Sciences. Irish lived into her 70’s. She battled with reoccurring brain tumors, then suffered a stroke. Her eldest son remembered his mother: “..when I was little, I remember mom swinging from vine to vine and wrestling mechanical alligators”. So, here’s to the beautiful, Irish McCalla!


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