The underrated sexiness of Deborah Kerr

The underrated sexiness of Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr, From Here to Eternity
”I don’t think anyone knew I could act until I put on a bathing suit,” Deborah Kerr once told Collier’s magazine. That halter top, bathing suit did turn heads and Kerr was nominated for the Academy award, for 1953’s classic, “From Here to Eternity” set in Hawaii, months before and during, The Pearl Harbor attack. The movie shows many character interactions, on the army base and in the town of Pearl Harbor. Before this film, Kerr wasn’t considered much as a “sex symbol”. The role of of the Captain’s dissatisfied wife, Karen Holmes, is was just what Deborah was looking for and she plays it, well. Captain Holmes is a chronic philanderer, so Karen seeks out affairs and we almost root for her, in doing so. Sergeant Milton Warden, played by Burt Lancaster, is taken with her at first sight but, “making dates with the Capt’s wife” is a crime, in the military and sure to get you a court martial. Their attraction is so intense, Sgt. Warden doesn’t care and sees Karen, anyway. For a movie made in 1953, Karen & Warden make love pretty, early in the film. The iconic, beach scene is one of the most sexy scenes, in classic film. Warden is lying on top of Karen as the tide rushes in over them, the scene cuts to waves crashing on the rocks, as a metaphor for IS quite sexy. This scene along with stellar performances by Kerr & Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Sinatra, Donna Reed, and Ernest Borgnine make the movie one of the best classic films, you’ll want to see. Although the claim has never been backed up, Lancaster says that Kerr and he became lovers, while filming “From Here to Eternity”. There is so much passion between the characters, it’s an easy claim to believe. If you haven’t seen this film, rent it, download it, watch clips on YouTube! You won’t be disappointed.


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