Loretta Young : Mommie Dearest : Final

Loretta Young : Mommie Dearest : Final

Judy was in her 20s and engaged to be married when her future husband Joseph Tinney told her that her famous parentage was the talk of Hollywood and Gable was her real father. Several years later, she confronted her mother, who excused herself, vomited, and returned admitting the story was true. By this time it was too late for a relationship with her father, as Clark Gable had died five years earlier.
Judy wrote a book in 1994 on the story, entitled “Uncommon Knowledge”. Young refused to speak to her for three years for telling her secret, but they reconciled before her death from ovarian cancer in 2000. In her official biography, published after Loretta’s death, Young confirmed that the story was true.
To end this story, we’ll let another star have the last word.. Marlene Dietrich (in a heavy, German accent): “Every time she sins, she builds another church!” …

(Thanks to david-paris.blogspot.com for a lot of the information. Check out the site: “It’s The Pictures That Got Small” a blog for all things retro, for more!).


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