Loretta Young : Mommie Dearest : Part 1

Loretta Young : Mommie Dearest : Part 1

Loretta Young, publicity photo for “Call of the Wild”.
During the filming of “Call of the Wild”, Loretta Young had an affair with her co-star, Clark Gable. Gable was notorious for bedding his leading ladies and Loretta although a devout Catholic, was no exception. Young was only 22 at the time, even though already once divorced, she was still pretty, naive. I can only imagine Clark Gable putting the moves on Loretta while filming, then she, losing all sense and succumbing to passion, while on the train back to Hollywood. During this passionate, love-making the two conceived a daughter, Judy. To be an unwedded, mother in 1930’s Hollywood, meant scandal and an end to Young’s career (a scandal that would have probably boosted Gable’s!). Loretta finished filming “The Crusades”, when she began to show and claimed an “illness” she had since she was a child, as the reason for her absence, from the limelight. I am not aware if Gable even knew about the child. I don’t know if Fox studio bosses knew or had a hand in this debacle, but Young gave birth to her daughter and had her taken to an orphanage. She went back to filming “Ramona” and made “Ladies in Love”. It wasn’t until two years later, she announced to gossip columnist, Louella Parsons, that she had adopted an orphan. Little did anyone know, that orphan was her own daughter.


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