Zorina the Ballerina

Zorina the Ballerina

Prima Ballerina: Vera Zorina
Vera’s parents were both professional singers, in Norway where Vera grew up. Zorina already had show business in her blood. Soon it was realized, not only could she sing, but she was an amazing dancer. Her parents prepped her and at age 12, she was presented to Max Reinhardt. He cast her in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1929) and Tales of Hoffman (1931). Vera joined the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1933, and a few years later, she attained a lead role in the London production of On Your Toes in, 1937. During this performance was seen by American film producer mogul, Samuel Goldwyn. Goldwyn swiftly signed Vera to a seven-year film contract. She appeared in a number of Hollywood movies between 1938-1946:
Seine Freundin Annette (1930)
The Goldwyn Follies (1938)
On Your Toes (1939) the play adapted into film
I Was an Adventuress (1940)
Louisiana Purchase (1941)
Star Spangled Rhythm (1942)
Follow the Boys (1944)
Lover Come Back (1946)
After Hollywood, Vera went back to the stage giving one of her most iconic performances in the 1938, Rodgers and Hart musical : ,I Married an Angel”. As the title character, she played an exquisite angel who descended from heaven to marry Hungarian banker (played by Dennis King). When the play was adapted to the big-screen, Jeanette MacDonald won the role. Vera kept performing her arts and in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, she became an adviser and director for Operas, Symphonies, & Ballets. If you want more of this remarkable lady’s life, read her story: “Zorina”, an autobiography, detailing her work!


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