BIBA : “Fresh Little Foals”

The Swinging Sixties era in London would not have been the same without it’s fashion designers. One of those “clothes-minded” persons was Barbara Hulanicki, and her brand was “Biba”. “Biba Girls” were supposed to be: “fresh little foals with long legs, bright faces and round dolly eyes”. These girls were London’s post-war, babies. A lot of them were malnourished as children, but Hulanicki banked in on that fact and said, because of the tough childhood, her girls grew into “beautiful skinny, people. It didn’t take much for them to look outstanding”.
Biba clothes included dark, rich color palettes, bishop sleeves, and covered buttons. Biba, along with Mary Quant, was responsible for the rising popularity of the eyebrow-raising mini skirt in 60’s and 70’s London. Hulanicki: “I thought surely we couldn’t shorten them any more, but magically there were a few old inches to go’. In addition to bringing the mini to the street, Biba was also the first store ever to allow girls to try on makeup before purchasing it.
Among the Biba girls, was a young Anna Wintour, who later became the editor of Vogue magazine. 💋.


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