Classic Horror: Freaks, Fiends, and Scream Queens

Classic Horror: Freaks, Fiends, and Scream Queens

Margot Kidder plays Kathy Lutz, the newlywed wife of George Lutz and the mother of three children who have found they’re “dream home”, in the small, town of Amityville. In the movie, as well as in real life, The Lutz’s knew that shortly before their arrival, Ronnie DeFeo had murdered his whole family (6 members), while they slept. DeFeo claims that he was possessed and something about the house, was to blame…easy alibi, right? As soon as The Lutz move in strange things begin to happen, such as hoards of flies appearing and disappearing, rancid smells, sludge spurting out of water spouts, oozing walls, and other paranormal activities. Kathy asks a priest to bless the house and he is overcome with sickness. Soon in the film, George Lutz’s demeanor changes. He becomes agitated, angry, and aggressive towards his family until the tension builds to the ultimate and he tries to attack his already fragile, family. “Amityville” is a Halloween classic. Recently Danny Lutz, the eldest son of the real Kathy Lutz, has appeared in a documentary about his personal experience in The Amityville House. Margot Kidder is great as the haunted, Kathy Lutz. You can also catch Kidder as Lois Lane in, “Superman” & “Superman II”, along with many other tv and film roles.


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