June McCall

June McCall

June McCall was a sweet girl who tried to stay good, in Hollywood. The Vargas Girl, cover model told about how she was constantly on the defense, from “sleazy men on casting couches”. When she was a chorus girl, a reporter picked her out of the crowd and asked, “what are your goals?”, June replied: “to become a good actress”. It seemed she desperately wanted to be taken seriously, as a film actress. June did get on the big-screen, credited as “popcorn vendor” or, “girl at slot machine”. She may have taken the low-road in films, in trying to take a moral, high-road. June kind of gave up, the high-road when she began drinking and getting stars in her eyes (and bed). She became George Raft’s secret romance. She also dated Charlie Chaplin Jr. and Jackie Coogan. When June travelled to NYC, she told a reporter that during her 6-week stay, she went out with tycoons worth $795 million, put together and ate $2,500 worth, in dinners. June seemed to be getting a career going on television, but never really starred in much. McCall married 3 times, as soon as she got the ball rolling on a tv series, she got married and tried to be the good wife. Her matrimonial bliss, usually lasted around 1-3 years. June was a trophy to have on your arm. Like many trophies, they are put away when you begin to compete for another. June had talent, but no one could get past those looks, or those legs that went on for miles. Sadly, at the age of 55, she passed away in a freak, kitchen accident (I can’t find what exactly happened, there). She is remembered as a “sweet girl who was often taken advantage of” and unfortunately, June McCall’s story is all too common.


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